We are committed to work at various levels from start-up to stand-up with multiple activities such as training, empowering, educating and moulding the people as sustainable entrepreneurs prior integration into mainstream society. The activities including skill development, identification of talent, suggesting right profession, the right guidance and their new venture set up. Currently we are present in Nashik, Pune and Mumbai. We are extensively involved in entrepreneurship development activities more actively form the year 2000. Earlier, we were associated with multiple projects from vivid industries. We understand the development of society is a part of the regular process going, we need to achieve more targets regularly. We have observed and studied the countries’ economic graph which is up and down at regular intervals, we found the need of multiple entrepreneurship to upscale the economy to put the economic graph always pushing diagonally up side.

To implement the social changes in the present strata of society has got utmost requirement. So, the ideology can be different to implement it but the need to achieve the welfare of all development of all is the common target of positive social change. We operate, organize, manage, support and run the programs, activities project and works at local and national level.

The purpose is to improve the wellbeing of humankind by preventing and solving social problems. We focus on eliminating and the suffering caused by unemployment problems. For example, giving a job to a person who is in need is very good. The best thing we focus on to teach a person how to grow self and create employment opportunities is our primary motive.

To be recognized as societal architect to ascertain, transform and sustenance with a systematic process to ensure stand successful.

Provide the business to people who are Blind, handicapped, Peoples who have already business but he can’t run the business in proper way. To grow business of that people and help the society.


In our journey of more than a decade, we were fortunate to serve for over 100 and more entrepreneurs to realise their dream.

We have created an ecosystem which enabled us to finance 13 startup companies. We also supported more than 74 companies with seed funding. Instilling motivation and motivational speeches to help more than 1300 employees to grow and stay satisfied with their work. And the driving factor that leads people to work harder, meaning more productivity for their organization, and the most important contributing factor to overall satisfaction, which leads to create a productive environment around for their ventures. Transformational ways of conducting business are necessary to find success in the today's fast paced business environment. The various services of ours helps in transforming entrepreneurs by scaling their businesses to new heights. We have helped entrepreneurs in achieving business transformation by expanding them into growth markets, deliver high potential products and services and realize topline growth and bottom line aspirations by capturing opportunities presented by the market.

We help our customers to achieve their dreams by assisting in multiple areas such as business planning, road map, loan from bank, bank subsidy, promotional activities, sales, revenue management (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually), treasury management, management on operation cost, training on E-commerce, trade business etc. Our umbrella of business advisory consulting services are focused towards delivering effective solutions in strategy, problem solving, innovation and business transformation for a multitude of different business segments.

We also provide company registration services such as private limited, LLP and proprietary. Our services are hassle free and one point coordination for the clients.