vijay wankhede Mr. Vijay Wankhede is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and social professional. He has got extensive experience in handling large scale projects honoring time and budgets. Having rich involvement at diverse industries, made him efficiently management of the team, supply chain, clients and Business Development.
Mr. Vijay is a developed, matured and a social entrepreneur with great zeal of generosity. He has got three decades of vast experience and has got strong hold of every vertical in the field of Entrepreneurial Sector. He is whole time philanthropist. He reached to this stage to the devotion and dedication to his profession at every stage. His journey till here is completely with innumerable ups and downs and filled with twists and turns.
He has seen extremely hard days of his life. His strong vision to develop every unskilled to an efficient entrepreneur and help their sustainability in the market. Mr. Vijay started his career when he was very young at the age of 12 years in the year 1992. He started with Jewelry where he dealt with every level of professionals. Then he entered into diamond business and closely worked with astrologers. Thereafter while handling previous business, he entered into Real Estate Industry where he had taken up from leasing to financing of the projects. He even handled property finance consultancy. Interestingly, Mr. Vijay entered into gardening and landscaping and executed a massive project and handled 3000 trees in Nasik. His core strength is in liaising works with Govt. agencies.
He handled large number of projects converting agricultural land into usable for residential projects. He also dealt peacefully with the tribal projects. He is also experienced in dealing with the properties placed under Bank auctions, their renovation and reselling.
His vision to promote an energy to make each and every individual to stand and start an own venture which is an amazing part of his life. He has identified multiple areas where the entrepreneur can be trained and begin his career. This revolutionary idea from him can change the dynamics of the region and country has a whole and keep the youth on better tracks. The multiple areas and the various products are highly interesting concepts which would make the entrepreneurs develop a passion among them.
Mr. Vijay greatly passionate to set up small scale businesses under CSR. He helped large number of hawkers, provided them financial assistance and helped them to set up their own stalls.

Financial Advisor

We analyse the current status, foresee the prospects for future prior making a current status report. We review the details of services, suggest if there be any thing required for improvisation. Summarising all the facts of previous years, we would generate multiple options of advisory reports.

Start-up Business Investor

We are highly passionate to fulfil the funding needs for the projects, early stage entrepreneurs, budding entrepreneurs and start up entrepreneurs. We are known for the funding for projects at any given circumstances. We are committed to support and travel with our clients for their better prospects as a trusted investor.

Social Entrepreneur

We believe the improvisation of lives is improvisation of civilization. Therefore, we are amazingly working towards upgrade the lives of youth with multiple activities driven by various social programs. The true desire of philanthropism makes us to contribute towards whole community help nation building.

Motivational Speaker

We inspire, motivate, persuade and drive towards right direction. We energise the community, a segment or any class of people towards the desired directions. This we do with a rightly planned and customized content developed by our expert team.

Business Advisor

Analysing, ascertaining and suggesting appropriate field to the clients. The development of concept according to the team is foremost part of the advisory skill from us. Having strong command over multiple enterprises, we are able to develop many successful entrepreneurs.

Life Coach

We help people to develop the expertise and potential to discover a new life with happiness and success. We Improve personal as well as professional profile to overcome challenges and enrich life that, one deserve and to become physically and mentally stronger to manifest the goals and have confidence in yourself.

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